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To restore the normal boot of a AIX box on a system that is not managed by a HMC perform the following.

 # bootlist -m normal hdisk0 cd0

To verify the settings:

# bootlist -m normal -o        
hdisk0 blv=hd5 pathid=2

This will let the system boot from hdisk0 as the first boot device and cd0 as the second boot device.


The Network Installation Manager stores it’s DB in the AIX ODM.

The backup / restore process is fairly simple. Using the following fastpath:

smitty nim_backup_db

smitty nim_restore_db

The DB will be saved into the selected location.

The backup can also be performed using the CLI, backing up the following files:


This post will describe how to perform a unattended mksysb restore of a NIM client which will be booted from the NIM master via a network interface. Prior to this operation it is necessary that the client mashine is defined as a NIM client and a mksysb image of the client has been created.

In order to perform a mksysb image restore a SPOT resource must be allocated to the NIM client and it must be the same level as the mksysb image. Using the lsnim command we can check the level of the mksysb/spot.
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This post wil describe how to perform a mksysb backup of a AIX box that is a NIM client. The backup will be initiated from the NIM master and the mksysb file will be stored on the master.

1. Verify the file size limit (ulimit) for the root user is disabled or (or changed accordingly). The mksysb operation would fail if the backup file would be larger than the specified (u)limit.
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