Firmware upgrade using MDS and invscout

Microcode Discovery Service in short MDS enables in conjunction with the invscout AIX tool to survey your system for the installed microcode levels on devices such as network adapters, HBA’s, HDD’s etc., and also the system (service procesor) microcode itself. The collected information from the invscout tool is exported to a file. This file can be uploaded to the MDS website which generates a simple report with an overview of the microcode levels of your devices and the current/latest microcode levels. Also for each device and his microcode level there is a coresponding readme file and a download link for the microcode.

In this post I will describe the microcode update procedure on a scsi adapter using the MDS and invscout.

1. The invscout tool makes use of a catalog file that contains information about the newest microcode levels for all supported devices. The newest version of the catalog file can be downloaded here:

The file sould reside in: /var/adm/invscout/microcode/catalog.mic

# invscout -r

******  Command  ----  V2.2.0.17
******  Logic Database V2.2.0.2

Initializing ...
Identifying the system ...
Working ...
Getting system microcode level(s) ...
Scanning for device microcode level(s) ...

75 devices detected; each dot (.)
represents 10 devices processed:

Writing Microcode Survey upload file ...

Hostname  . . . . . . :
Command Version . . . :
Logic Database Version:
Survey Date and Time  : Fri Feb 17 14:45:52 2012
OS Level  . . . . . . :
uname -m Model ID . . : 4C

Device            Installed Microcode
----------------  ----------------------------------------
sys0              SF240_338     (t/b)   SF240_338       (p)
sisscsia0         53495310.0510006d
ent4              14108902.DV0210
ent5              14108902.DV0210
cd0               IBM-DROM00205L.P533
hdisk0            HUS1030.50505230.52505152
hdisk1            HUS1030.50505230.52505152

Microcode Survey complete

The output files can be found at:
Upload file: /var/adm/invscout/hostname.mup
Report file: /var/adm/invscout/invs.mrp
Report file: /var/adm/invscout/invs.mrrup

To transfer the invscout 'Upload file' for microcode
comparison, see your service provider's web page.

In order to get the microcode report it is necessary to upload the “Upload” file to this site:

Now, in my case I downloaded the microcode for my scsi controler to the /tmp/micro directory.

Extract the file:

#rpm -ihv --ignoreos --force pci.1069B166.10-0710000b-1.aix5.1.noarch.rpm

The extracterd file appears in /etc/microcode/

Again verify the current microcode level on the controler:

# lscfg -vps -l sisscsia0
  sisscsia0        U787F.001.DPM28WG-P1
PCI-X Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter:
Part Number.................00P0000
FRU Number..................00P0000
Serial Number...............YL3000000001
Manufacture ID..............0000
EC Level....................0
ROM Level.(alterable).......0510006d
Product Specific.(Z0).......573E
Hardware Location Code......U787F.001.DPM28WG-P1

Start the microcode update

# diag -d sisscsia0 -T download

Select the install dir.

sisscsia0 PCI-X Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter

Select the source of the microcode image.

Make selection, use Enter to continue.

file system
optical media (ISO 9660 file system format)

sisscsia0 PCI-X Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter

The current microcode level for sisscsia0 is 0510006d.

Available levels to install are listed below.
Select the microcode level to be installed.

Use Help for explanations of "M", "L", "C"
and "P" .

Make selection, use Enter to continue.

M 0710000b


sisscsia0 PCI-X Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter

Microcode installation is in progress.

Please stand by.

sisscsia0 PCI-X Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter

Installation of the microcode has completed successfully.
The current microcode level for sisscsia0 is 0710000b.

Please run diagnostics on the adapter to ensure that it is
functioning properly.

Use Enter to continue.

Verify the microcode level after the update

#lsmcode -cd sisscsia0
The current microcode level for sisscsia0 is 0710000b

If a fallback should be nacessary you can return to the previous level, but you have to have the previous level in /etc/microcode

# diag -d sisscsia0 -T "download -f -l previous"

That’s it for this part


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