Reset a NIM client state and deallocate all resources

Sometimes if things get stuck it might be necessary on the NIM master server to reset the NIM client status and deallocate all resources from it. Here is how:

# nim -Fo reset client_name

-F Force
-o Operation

# nim -o deallocate -a subclass=all  client_name

-a attribute

# lsnim -l client_name
   class          = machines
   type           = standalone
   connect        = shell
   platform       = chrp
   netboot_kernel = 64
   if1            = EN_0 power2 0
   net_settings1  = auto auto
   cable_type1    = tp
   Cstate         = ready for a NIM operation
   prev_state     = BOS installation has been enabled
   Mstate         = not running
   Cstate_result  = reset

That’s it.


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