Defining NFSv4 pseudo-root export

This post will describe how to define on a AIX NFS server a pseudo-root and mount it form a client. The pseudo-root will be changes from / to /exports

First check the current settings

# nfsd -getnodes

Unexport the currently exported filesystems:

# exportfs -ua

Define pseudo-root in /etc/exports.

# cat /etc/exports
/exports -nfsroot
/fixes -vers=4,rw,access=cosmos,exname=/exports/fixes
/home  -vers=4,rw,access=cosmos,exname=/exports/home
/LP    -vers=4,rw,access=cosmos,exname=/exports/LP

-vers=4    This option exports the share using the NFSv4 protocol
rw            Read/write
exname    Export as the specified external name beginning with nfsroot
access     Access restriction, to mount the FS only by the specified hostname.

Now export the NFS exports and check the current nfsroot:

# exportfs -a
# nfsd -getnodes

Now we can on the client mount all the exported dir’s using one command /mount request:

# mount -o vers=4 power1:/ /mi
# ls /mi
fixes  home  LP

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