IP configuration in AIX

Here are some TCP/IP related commands, might be usefull.
Generally by using ifconfig and route commands your settings will not be preserved after the reboot, because the settings will not be stored in the ODM.
So to make the settings persistent across reboots use mktcpip or chdev for IP configuration and for the routing table smit route, /etc/rc.net or chdev

List routes stored in ODM

# odmget -q "attribute=route" CuAt

View curent routing table

# netstat -rn

Delete default route (persistent)

# chdev -l inet0 -a delroute=net,-hopcount,0,,0,

Define default route (persistent)

# chdev -l inet0 -a route=net,-hopcount,0,,0,

Lookup route information

# route get 

To permanently assign a IP to the en1 interface:

# chdev -l en1 -a netaddr= -a netmask=

The following command sets the IP configuration on the specified adpter, adds an entry into /etc/hosts, and adds a static route to the routing table.

                  | Hostname           
# mktcpip -i en2 -h power1 -g -a -m
           |                |              |              |
           Interface        Gateway        Address        Netmask

View inet0 configuration

# lsattr -El inet0

To create a persistent IP alias:

         Interface name
# chdev -l en0 -a alias4=,
en0 changed     |

To permanently remove an IP alias

         Interface name     IP and netmask as shwon in `lsattr -El en0`
         |                  | 
# chdev -l en0 -a delalias4=,
en0 changed     |

Media link speed for the en0 interface

# entstat -d en0 | grep "Media Speed"

Show all listening ports

netstat -anf inet | grep LISTEN

Show domain name server settings

# namerslv -s

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