Create bootable DVD iso image from a mksysb backup

If for any reason necessary, you can create a bootable DVD.iso file from a mksysb backup, using mkcd:

      Create CD/DVD image
mkcd -L -S -I /mksysb/bootable_mk -m /mksysb/my_mksysb_backup
         |  |
         |  Specify directory where the bootable DVD iso will be placed
         Do not write to DVD media/device

# mkcd -L -S -I /mksysb/bootable_mk -m /mksysb/my_mksysb_backup
Initializing mkcd log: /var/adm/ras/mkcd.log...
Verifying command parameters...
Creating temporary file system: /mkcd/cd_fs...
Populating the CD or DVD file system...
Building chrp boot image...
Copying backup to the CD or DVD file system...
Creating Rock Ridge format image: /mksysb/bootable_mk/cd_image_655538
Running mkisofs ...
mkrr_fs was successful.

Making the CD or DVD image bootable...

Removing temporary file system: /mkcd/cd_fs...

If the resulting mksysb file will be bigger than 3.7G (as I saw in the mksysb (or mkcd?) man page) mkcd will create 2 iso images. In this case it is advisable to clean the the rootvg from unnacessary files, like big old log’s and simillar stuff, so you have the entire backup/restore on one medium. Also, it happend to me, that when I created a mksysb on AIX 5.3(dont know the TL) it ended with something like “ended sucsesfully” but, “echo $?” was not 0. When this happened mkcd asked me for the second cd/medium, and refused to continue. So check the resulting result code, after mksysb finished.

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