This post will in short describe how to setup an Encrypted Filesystem on AIX 6.1.

EFS offers 2 modes of operation:

Root Admin mode
This is the default mode. Root can reset user and group keystore passwords.

Root Guard mode
Root doeas not have access to user’s encrypted files and cannot change their passwords.

Note: NFS exports of EFS filesystems are not supported.

1. Prerequisites:
RBAC has to be enabled. Should be by default on AIX 6.1. If not use chdev to enable it.

# lsattr -El sys0 | grep RBAC
enhanced_RBAC   true         Enhanced RBAC Mode        True

CryptoLite needs to be installed

# lslpp -l | grep clic       
  clic.rte.kernext   COMMITTED  CryptoLite for C Kernel
  clic.rte.lib       COMMITTED  CryptoLite for C Library
  clic.rte.kernext   COMMITTED  CryptoLite for C Kernel

2. EFS Commands:

efsenable – Enables EFS on a given system. This is run only once
efskeymgr – Encryption Key Management tool
efsmgr – File encryption and decryption
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